(UL Style 3385) Irradiated Polyethylene Insulated Wire
UL Style 3385
Internal wiring of electrical and eletronic equipment
Rating Temp. & Volt : UL 105℃, 300V, CSA 105℃
Flammability : VW-1 FT1

Hi-Wrap wire(TA-SC) conductor is easily terminated, thus suitable for soldering, wrapping,clampping and connecting

Aquired -F- Mask
Construction & Specifications
1) 인증범위(size Range) : UL 32-10AWG, CSA 32-10AWG
2) TA-SC : Hi-wrap wire(일괄 석도선)
3) 허용전류(Allowable Current):허용전류는 참고치이며 주변온도 40℃, 최고허용온도 80℃ 가닥공간배선
(Ambient temperature 40℃, maximun allowable temperature (Single-wire in air)

4) 전선의 표면인쇄는 28AWG 이상에만 인쇄함
(Applicable to sizes of 28 AWG or larger) 5) 기본색상(Standard color)
- 흑색(Black),백색(White),적색(Red),청색(blue),황색(Yellow),갈색(Brown), 녹색(Green), 등색(Orange), 회색(Gray), 자색(Purple), 홍색(Pink)