(UL Style 1185) PVC Insulated, shielded and PVC Jacketed Wire
UL Style 1185 CSA TR-64 (SW, SB)
Internal wiring of small electrical and eletronic equipment
For both UL and CSA
Flammability : VW-1, FT1 pass

Hi-Wrap wire(TA-SC) conductor is easily terminated, thus suitable for soldering, wrapping and clampping and connecting

Rating Temp. & Volt : UL 80℃, 300V, CSA 90℃ 300V
Construction & Specifications

1) 인증범위(size Range) : UL 30-4/0 AWG, CSA 28-14 AWG
2) TA-SC : Hi-wrap wire(일괄 석도선)
3) 차폐 : 차폐는 횡권실드가 기본으로 제조되며, 편조차폐도 제조가능함
(Shield : Wrapped shied is standard, but braided shield dimensions are also given)
3) 절연체의 색상은 백색이 기본입니다.(Insulation core Identification : white)