(UL Style 2851) PVC Insulated, and Jacketed Wire
UL Style 2851 (SW)
Internal wiring of electronic equipment
Internal wiring of moving parts of micro-cassette tape recorders, players and pickups
Internal wiring for radio, etc
Flammability : UL VW-1 pass
Small cuter diameter saves space
Rating Temp & Volt : UL 80˚C, 30V
Construction & Specifications

1) 절연체 코어수는 2가닥이상 코어수에 관계없이 제조가능함.
(Produced with 2 or more conductors Insulation
2) 절연체 피복두께는 최소 0.10mm부터 그이상 피복 할 수 있음.
(Insulation Thickness : min 0.10mm or more Thickness)